Tuesday, April 8, 2014


     Some time ago, I read about "bulletproof" coffee. It's a Paleo thing, apparently, and it consists of coffee blended with butter...yes, BUTTER!...and coconut oil.  It did not sound at all appealing. EW was my response, to be honest.
     I've been struggling with my weight and healthfulness this winter, and just recently, I began to feel completely fed up with that struggle! I previously lost a significant amount of weight, and then over the past 6 months gained about half of it back. I'm fairly ticked off about that, and the fact that I did not stop that trend in its tracks when it started, and that I have not gotten a handle on it since.  Now the day has come in which I am through with that nonsense and I feel ready to rock and roll!
     Now, I am aware that there are a bazillion different lines of thought on diet/exercise/healthfulness. A bazillion opinions, books, plans, research results, etc etc etc and it seems like people can be very passionate about their own opinion on the matter, As for me, over years of experiment, struggle and research, I finally (after years of resisting and refusing to consider) tried lo carb, out of desperation, and found my "sweet spot".   Is it easy?? Not really, especially not at first. But I have found that I feel sooooooo much better both physically and mentally when I am following a lo carb eating plan. Just for clarity, the ultra lo carb period is limited, and then "healthy" carbs (from fruit and starchier veggies) are reintroduced.
     All that to say that now that I am ready to do this thing, I have a plan of action. I am doing a "carb rehab" period....2 weeks to a month, depending on how it goes...and then I am going to morph into a more Paleo type of eating, the difference being slight, but a little more interesting.
    So I decided to give bulletproof coffee a try.  According to a piece I recently read, this mess contains CLA and medium chain fatty acids that "are high quality fats that actually turn off our fat storing genes and switch on fat burning genes."

 I even went and bought a cheapie blender (my good one broke) for this project.

      I also bought this butter. It is from grass fed cows, and according to the packaging, it is IRISH butter, which automatically makes if far more interesting than any ole butter.
This is a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil in my cheapie blender.
And this is what butter-coconut oil-coffee looks like when blended.
And here is my Irish butter coffee in my favorite latte mug! There is a nice froth on top, and it's not horrible! In fact, I kind of like it. It is better to finish up before it gets cool, though. Otherwise it starts feeling a little oily.  I have only one mug of this, and the rest of my cups of coffee are drunk black.

     These are my new purple heels! I totally dig them and they make me feel happiness.
I purchased these shoes from a garage sale! I do not like to shop much, and i'm not really into "garage sale-ing".  I am not one of those people who find the good stuff amidst the junk, and really my house has too much of my own junk in it already.  This is how it happened that I was at a garage sale where I purchased these way cool shoes:
     There is a community not far from here that holds community wide garage sales once a year. it is an annual event for some, including my sis in law. This seems to be a wealthy community, and so I suppose that their cast offs might be of higher quality than your average cast off. I am invited to go every year, and every year, I don't. Until this year. My SIL is out of town, and my mom, who I haven't  seen at all since July 2013 (that is 8 long months if your counting) is staying with the kids, who are accustomed to the yearly tradition. So, to cut to the chase, i did not want to be out and about at dark thirty in order to drive 45 minutes to shop at garage sales, but I did want to hang out with my mom. So even though I wasn't excited, and was still in the treacherous grip of the plague, I went, and I got purple heels, and had a pleasant Saturday.

   This is my pitcher collection on top of one of two of my corner china cabinets that the chief found on an online garage sale site. He does like to shop, even while working. I really dig the cabinets, and this white pitcher collection makes me really happy, particularly against the red wall!
 The largest one is new, a gift from Baby Blondie duck. She spent spring break with baby duck 3, and they went to some antique shops. 

   The past few days, I have felt like I am awakening from the winter funk. Everything seems brighter and more hopeful, including me! The mornings are beautiful, the birds are singing, the grass is greening,  and seasonal depression seems to be behind me, for which I am ever so grateful! I have spring fever something fierce....itching to spring clean, declutter, and get out in the yard!! Winter is not a good look for me, but I have three seasons between it and me now!