Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sprung Spring

     I wish that decorating my home was one of my strengths, but it's not. To be truthful, I can't even hang pictures because they won't be straight, or I will have 50 new holes in the wall because I didn't get it right. Also, i'm not that crafty. In fact, domestic stuff in general bores me to tears, and also, not very good at it, which makes me wonder what I AM good at and why didn't I do that, make an income, and hire people to do this stuff for me since NO ONE WANTS TO HELP ME.  I truly admire other peoples pleasingly appointed homes. There are several in my own family that have a knack for it. I don't know why they won't help me. All I ask is to keep my books and my plants, and to not spend a billion dollars.
    I'm thinking about this at the moment because it is spring. I haven't cared much all winter while in hibernation mode. Give me cookies and a book and i'm all good. But now the sun is shining and the weather is mild, and i've been out for some walks, and suddenly my house feels musty and clutter-y and suffocating and I am in full spring cleaning mode. That means that I got up this morning, got a wild hair, and started throwing stuff around, and now I have a big pile of junk that I don't know what to do with, and it is still pretty ho hum up in here. I'm still in my jamies at 1:26 in the afternoon. And all I really did was straighten up some bookshelves. You know, i've seen in some homes and online interestingly decorated book shelves. But I don't know what to put on mine to make them all pleasing to the eye, and also they are mostly filled up with BOOKS, and that is only maybe 1/4 of my book ownership. I need more bookshelves to put books on. Actually, I need a whole room of bookshelves filled with my books. So where am I supposed to put pictures and doo dads and stuff, and why don't I have pretty picture frames to put the pictures in to put somewhere instead of a drawer full of pictures that I fully intend to frame and put somewhere?
      Woe is me.

     Speaking of books, who has read any good ones lately?
     No romance novels.
     Nothing bittersweet, heart wrenching, or tear jerking.
     Nothing creepy or scary or morbid or sordid.
     Nothing with a sad or anti climatic ending.
     Maybe something with a heroine who is actually likable, interesting, courageous, independent, without being annoyingly pig headed and ridiculous...and possibly with a triumphant ending?
     Anybody? Anything?
     Has anybody read any of Cecilia Ahern's books, besides PS I Love You?
     I think I will read some YA's. But I hope to get ahold of some that are NOT littered with cursing and adult situations. I might need more Harry Potter.
     Speaking of Harry Potter, I really need a new set of them in hardback. Mine are pretty worn out, and a new set would be more attractive in my book filled bookcases.

     There is nothing about having my heart shredded that is of entertainment value to me.
     There is nothing interesting or romantic about going about my day, just another normal unremarkable day, and then getting that phone call that changes everything in just a few uttered words.  "I have bad news..." "I don't really want to tell you this, but..." " Oh my gosh, did you hear..." "ma'am, there is a body in that lake and you need to prepare for the worst"
     That happened to me again yesterday. Audrey and I had had a lovely walk that morning. The weather was just beautiful. The other girls had a half day at school because spring break has started, and that's always wonderful! After my daughter picked up her girls, and I was home alone with a quiet peaceful Friday evening stretching before me when I got the call. Just a little earlier, I had seen a post on Facebook that said "Biker down in Roswell, check your friends" and had immediately thought of my kin back "home" who ride, not really thinking that it would be one of them. But it was.  Our nephew (on the hub's side), cousin to my kids, son to my beloved sister- and brother-in-law. Horrible, horrible accident all dramatic and traumatic, and now another set of parents have joined the "Grieving Parents Club", another mama is burying a baby, and three children are without their father.  He has brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and a grandma and a billion friends...all who's lives changed just. like. that.
     And he was one of Joey's pall bearers.
     And i'm so sad!
     For his parents and immediate family and his children.
     For all his extended family and friends.
     For The Chief.
     For me. I love that kid! He always made me laugh!
     For every mother who has lost one of her babies.
     Of which there is a startling number....

     Life is bittersweet and heart wrenching and tear jerking. These are not the more interesting aspects of living. Certainly not ones that I want to read about for escape and entertainment! Key word here: ESCAPE!!!

    I was already having a struggle with any of my kids (even though they are grown) going anywhere and doing anything, and not suffocating Last Baby Duck with overprotectiveness...


    Moving right along:

     Okay! I'm going to work on spring cleaning some more!
     Happy weekend!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Secrets exposed

    "Life is too short to read depressing books." Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Isn't that just the truth?
I don't actually read much of SEP's work (although, as romance writers go, she's pretty good...and pretty funny!) I just am not really into the whole bodice ripper scene. I roll my eyes so hard sometimes that i'm afraid that they are going to get stuck up there. I used to read them by the dozens, but I guess I burned out and moved on.
      So I recently bought a pricey loaf of multi-grain bread, and was half way through the loaf before I discovered that this particular loaf of supposedly whole grain bread had LESS fiber than Mrs. Baird's "whole grain white". WHAAAAT?? So I went on a bread expedition to search out fiber, and the most I found was in Sara Lee Delightful multigrain. 90 calories and 5 grams of fiber per 2 slice serving. In case you are concerned about the fiber content of your bread. But, you probably don't eat bread, because I think that "bread" is a dirty word nowadays.
     What can I say, i'm a rebel. I eat bread. Sparingly, like peanut butter toast for breakfast, but still. There is my deep dark secret. I eat whole grain bread occasionally.

     I'm elated that it is March! Not that the weather has been particularly March-like. But the cold and snow has to stop sometime soon, right?? That reminds me, though, that April is next wherein I shall turn 50, and I might be having a bit of a passed-mid-life crises. I mean...50?? Really? Good for me, I guess, for making it to 50, but unless I live to be 100, which is doubtful I am already passed mid life, and I still don't have myself lined out. I may be running out of time.

    I wonder where you stand on the time change occurring this weekend? I know that some people just love it. I do not. I keep hearing that we are going to get an extra hour of daylight, but is that accurate? Isn't it just moving to the other end of the day? So when I am trying to wake up and get going in the morning, it is going to be dark longer, and when I am trying to wind down and get sleepy, it is going to be light. Personally, I still have to get up and go to bed at pretty much the same that is going to be an hour earlier. I already have a ridiculous issue with those two things...going to bed and sleeping...then getting up in the morning. I am a night owl by nature, which makes the darker mornings/lighter nights appealing, but I have worked for years and years to over come, simply because with kids and a hubby who gets up and goes to work and whatnot, I haven't had the luxury of going with my natural flow.  I am now at the place that, with 10 mg of melatonin, perhaps a benadryl, and a passion flower capsule, I can accomplish sleep most of the time, and I can get up when I need to most of the time, and be semi functional. It is going to take ALL of spring and summer to adjust to the time change, and then right about the time i'm okay with it, it will change back. Bah humbug, that's what I have to say about that.

     Our first 5k is coming up in just a little over a month...I hope the mild weather holds so that I can get outside and hit the walking trail! Otherwise, the date of my demise will be April...uh...something. 18th? 23rd? Something like that.

   Babiest babiest duck (Roscoe) is here with his mom for the weekend! Good times!