Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm a fatty and I know it (but I work out sometimes).

Phone blogging! I guess we will find out together how this is going to work! Bet it will be a shirt post...No, not a shirt post, a short one! Sorry, I'm all thumbs right now! I attached some photos, but I don't currently know where they are, and therefore can't caption them.

The first is my dining was dark red and now it is sage green, and I love it so much, and I wish I would have taken before and after.

Next is me and my oldest grandchild. We participated in a local 5k together, and it was super fun! I love that kid! I have two more 5k's lined up in June, and one in October!

The third is a pic of my second daughter, her hubby and my only grandson, Roscoe. They were here for Easter weekend. We made some memories!

Lastly, this is my scale. I gave it a makeover. I have launched a personal "Project Joy" in which I am no longer just enduring and powering through, But am experiencing actual joy in my life. This whole weighing and getting healthy thing has heretofore been dreary and depressing and painful, and I have decided that it is now going to be a joyful dance to my best self. So I painted my scale so that I would smile when I face it. It works, just so ya know.

If my pics don't show up, I hope you have a good imagination! The scale is an oceany blue with a sailboat on the bottom right corner, and a big fat sun on the top left.

And now for today's actual post subject...
I'm just going to go ahead and say it.
I'm fat.
Its not a secret.
At this point, there is no hiding it.
Its not that I'm a reasonable weight and just think I'm fat, like when I was in high school.
I'm actually fat now.
So what is so wrong in saying so?
Seems like there is a movement in the weight loss community where the word fat is a bad word. Curvy, full figured, plus size...
It all means the same.
In many cases...but not all...definitely in mine...being this fat does indicate a certain lack of self discipline.
But so what?!
I'm not an Axe murderer, or a child abuser. Most people seem to like me well enough.
For the fat shamers out there...there are all kinds of human weaknesses...not being fat does not make you a fabulous person, or not. It just means you have different weaknesses.
So I like brownies and I would rather read or make greeting cards or chit chat with a friend over coffee than work out.
I am genetically dispositioned towards weight gain to start with, and yes that is a thing. Case in point: I birthed 5 kids. Three if them were (are!) skinny little things and two of them were chunkier. Served the same meals, raised in the same atmosphere.
Some medical conditions and some medications cause weight gain as well.
Having said all of that, I'm well aware that my fatness is causing health issues.
Even if I were to get back to ideal weight, I won't have a perfect body or be a head turner, but I will feel better and improve my heart/bp issues.
Sorry, that was for the fatty haters...I saw this subject discussed on Dr. Oz (just a short clip on YouTube, I've ditched the TV habit...didn't take long to get tired of all that mess, and I'm having the cable turned off for the sake of saving the budget) and got a bee in my bonnet.
Back to the subject: I don't  understand the avoidance of the word fat. It is what it is, and I already know that I am.
Clearly, though, I desperately need to change that. And so, here I go on my joyful dance towards good health!

Did I mention that I recently turned 50? It was sort of anticlimactic. So here I am, half a century old.

And I'm pretty sure I'm done now!
So I'm now going to post this and see if my pics show up!

Quack! (oops I'm.missing a pic)


  1. Hi Val,

    You do have a before and after of your dining room!!! The one with your kids and new grand-baby is in the dining room right? And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sage green. It is gorgeous. I also love your corner buffet. I need one in my dining room. :-)

    Your post came at such perfect timing for me. I've been feeling extremely down on myself (to the point of really being down) because I saw a photo of myself and thought WHAT happened that my mid-section is so plump? I mean FAT? And so for days I have been beating myself up. Then all of a sudden while I was mowing away on my mower today (the time I always have deep conversations with myself) I thought, WHY does it really matter? I am in excellent health, excellent physical condition, I can run a string trimmer for miles (and I'm serious about that), work in my garden all day, run and laugh and play with my grand-girls, and run/walk a half marathon. What more do I really need at 52 years of age???? I'm NEVER, EVER going to have a tiny waist line again (never did, actually), never going to be trim around my mid-section, always going to have the big boobs... so why am I wasting such good years of my life beating myself up over some inches????? Then I come in the house, shower all the grass off, eat some strawberries and read your blog post. It made me SO HAPPY that I'm headed downstairs to eat the veggies and dip that I really wanted. :-) And I'm going to be happy about it.

    Oh, I love your scale idea. That is so awesome. I may just give that a try.

    Love you bunches and bunches. And if I lived close I'd be right over there, right now. And we'd go for a speed walk, drink some coffee, and talk, talk, talk.

    Keep writing...

    - Dori -

    1. bahaha! I DO have before and after, just opposite corners! I wish with all my heart that we could drink coffee and speedwalk and talk talk talk.